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Heritage Tree Preschool Staff

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Brooke Hunger

Director, Heritage Tree Preschool

Chelsea Tans.2

Chelsea Tans

Teacher (Ducklings)

Chelsea is our one-year-old lead teacher and has been working in early childhood education for many years, including being a director at a large Austin preschool for about two years. Chelsea holds a CDA Certificate, or Child Development Associate. She lives here in Leander with her family including two sons in elementary school and daughter here at HTP.

Karen Saxer2

Karen Saxer

Assistant Teacher (Ducklings)

Kendra Jones is our one-year-old assistant teacher. She has her degree in education from UT Austin and has worked with children the majority of her life. Kendra has a passion for guiding children as they grow and believes play is the best form of learning for young children. Kendra enjoys traveling, camping and live music with her husband and two children.

Evelin Cabot.1

Evelin Cabot

Teacher (Busy Bees)

Evelin Cabot is our two-year-old lead teacher and this is her fourth year teaching at LUMC. She and her family of 5 love playing board games and live in Leander. She loves teaching little ones and watching them grow.

Elaine Pritchett.2jpg

Elaine Pritchett

Assistant Teacher (Busy Bees)

Elaine Pritchett is our two-year-old assistant teacher. This is her third year teaching at LUMC after taking 2020 off to welcome twins Penny and Callum into their new family of 6! Elaine has a passion for early childhood education and fostering creativity through songs and play.

Jennifer Barton.2jpg

Jennifer Barton

Teacher (Koalas)

Jennifer Barton is our three-year-old lead teacher. She has been teaching with our program for five years and worked with the Ones, Twos, and Threes.  She found Leander UMC preschool in 2003 and all four of her children have attended. She started working here when her youngest went to kindergarten. In her free time she loves to read and put together puzzles.

Claudia Conine-Rios.1

Claudia Conine-Rios

AssisTANT Teacher (Koalas)

Claudia  is our three-year-old class assistant teacher. She and her husband and daughter have lived in Leander since 2002. She likes all kinds of crafts and loves to learn new ones as well. Claudia likes working with the children because she feels she can learn so much from them and they can surprise her by the little things they say.

Audra Jezewski.1

Audra Jezewski

Teacher (Monkeys)

Audra is our pre-K teacher. She graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Anthropology. Audra has been with our program for over seven years and this will be her fifth year with the pre-K class. She lives in Georgetown with her husband and daughter. When she does have free time, she can usually be found in the kitchen baking up some yummy treats for family and friends.

Kara Fulkes1

Kara Fulkes

Assistant Teacher (Monkeys)

Kara is our pre-K assistant teacher. She is a born and raised Leander girl. She started working at Leander United Methodist Church as a sub in 2012 when her son was a student in the Mother’s Day Out program, and she loved it so much, she signed on as an assistant teacher the next school year. She is an animal lover and loves to go on road trips with her husband and son.

Lexi Wagner.1

Lexi Wagner

Specials Teacher

Lexi Wagner is the Specials teacher. She has been working in childcare settings for over five years and loves seeing the world through the wonder of little ones’ eyes. Lexi enjoys playing fiddle, photography, and she loves traveling with her husband and two children.