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Project Transformation Update

In light of COVID-19, Project Transformation has made the difficult decision to offer virtual programming with weekly supply and food distribution instead of our usual in-person summer day camp for summer 2020. 

What Does this Mean for Leander UMC as a Site Church for 2020?

WE WILL STILL BE A SITE CHURCH FOR 2020! There will be 2 interns assigned to both Leander and First UMC Georgetown. As a site church, we will become a distribution point for food, supplies and books. We expect to give away most, if not all, of the books we have collected. Kids left for Spring Break and never went back to school. Many of the children we are targeting likely have few, if any books in their homes. The whole idea of the library is to get books in the hands of kids. We will be doing that in a real way. We built the library once, and we can build it again. The interns will be organizing the weekly distributions.
Children will experience online videos created by interns across the nation that will include Harambe (opening time), Movement Minutes, Young Artists, and Guided Reading. There will also be chapel and TAG (Talk about God) with Pastor Laura contributing some of that content. Our interns will still have live & online circle time with the children. Reading Buddies will still happen, but will be online. This will be offered to each child once per week, with the hope that more times can be arranged.

Ways You Can Volunteer

Be a Summer Prayer Partner  We can always use these!

Donate Supplies

(Make sure you choose Leander). Children will receive a starter pack and then weekly supplies. The total cost per child is around $65.00. You can sign up to pack for 1 or more children for the summer. You will receive a list of items and instructions for packing starter kit and weekly bags. We will not be doing intern dinners. So, volunteer for this instead!

Be a Virtual Reading Buddy

(you have to click “join group” and fill out the necessary information and be approved)

Be a Pen Pal

Pen Pals write letters to children in Project Transformation’s summer program. You’ll include a stamped and addressed return envelope so the child can respond. Hopefully this correspondence will go on throughout the summer. Remember, writing is a big part of literacy. Youth ages 16+ can also volunteer for this portion of the program.

About our Partnership with Project Transformation:

We are a partner with Project Transformation and will host an 8 week summer day camp for elementary students in our area during the summer of 2020. 

We welcome this opportunity to be in connection with the community around us, build trust and respect, and be a hub for the unconditional love of Jesus by opening our doors to elementary students and their families. This will be a large endeavor, but on God has been preparing us for!

About the Camp:

Each day, children read one-on-one with volunteers and participate in activity-based literacy intervention. Children also participate in daily enrichment activities including recreational play and exercise, creative arts, and interaction with our young adult interns and community volunteers, who inspire and encourage children daily to make responsible, sound decisions.

How Can You Help?

Start collecting books for elementary aged children for our library. You can download a copy of our wishlist below. There is a donation box in the fellowship hall.

Do you know retired teachers who have bookshelves full of elementary age books they might want to donate?

Look at your own bookshelves and ask yourself – What good is this book doing sitting on my shelf and not in the hands of a child?

As your child finishes a book, donate it to Project Transformation. Have your child write a note inside the book of what they liked best about this particular story.

When you visit Half Price Books, make a matching purchase of a book for Project Transformation or pick up a gift card.

Learn More

Learn more about Project Transformation by checking out their website.

2018 Christmas Eve Offering

This year’s Christmas Eve offering will be going to Project Transformation, a collaborative ministry whose mission is to engage young adults in purposeful leadership and ministry, support children in holistic development, and connect churches with communities through summer reading programs and year-round internships and community engagement. We will be collecting donations from now until Christmas Eve.

Our Graduated Donation Goals


Covers the cost of 2 summer interns in 2019

Serving up to 16 children

(3% of interns needed)


Covers the cost of 4 summer interns in 2019

Serving up to 32 children

(6.5% of interns needed)


Covers the cost of 6 summer interns in 2019

Serving up to 48 children

(10% of interns needed)

Amount Raised:

Between our Christmas Eve offering, and revenue from the Chili Chow Down, We raised $19,695.24 for Project Transformation’s 2019 summer reading program! Thank you for your very generous and faithful giving!



You may donate by going to our online giving page and selecting “Project Transformation”.

Learn More

Learn more about Project Transformation by checking out their website.

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