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In the trials of one family, we find hope for our own.

Summer is a time for family reunions. For some of us, family reunions are fun and fulfilling. For others of us, they are uncomfortable or even painful. We all have some dysfunction in our families. We all have stories that we’d rather not tell. In the stories of Genesis, we discover God’s chosen family – those first generations of Israel – had struggles, secrets, sibling rivalries, and even threats of murder. As we explore these rich and ancient stories, we see how God works through and in spite of family dysfunction to bring about God’s purposes for the world, and we find hope for God’s presence and movement in our own families.

SUNDAY, June 7

“God’s Perfect Family”
Rev. Laura Becker

Genesis 1:1-2, 4a

SUNDAY, June 14

“God Chooses An Imperfect Family”
Rev. Laura Becker

Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-7

SUNDAY, June 21

“A Painful Shortcut”
Rev. Laura Becker

Genesis 21:8-21

SUNDAY, June 28

“An Unthinkable Trial”
Rev. Laura Becker

Genesis 22:1-14

SUNDAY, July 5

“Come On Down, Welcome Home!”
Rev. Larry Shores

Luke 19:1-10

SUNDAY, July 12

“Sibling Rivalry” (Part 1)
Rev. Laura Hewett Becker

Genesis 25:19-34

Happy Birthday LUMC Web (5)

By this we know love, that Christ lay down his life for us"

SUNDAY, May 31

“Spirit Gave Them Ability”
Rev. Laura Becker

Acts 2:1-21

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