The basics Of

A Simplified Structure

The intent is to capture the basics of proposed elimination of Trustee, SPRC, and Finance committees and the reason for the proposal. These changes would be voted on at an upcoming Church Conference.



LUMC leadership seeks to improve the ways we plan and evaluate ministry. A move to a single board allows increased ability to set goals and oversee the ministries of LUMC from a bird’s eye view.


A single board helps empower more church members to serve in increased leadership-administrative, discipleship, service, and evangelism.


God has provided many opportunities for “front-line” ministry at LUMC that provide people opportunities for leadership other than administrative committees.


A single board empowers staff and members to have increased clarity about their responsibilities, as well as clearer accountability.


It also provides clergy a single team to work with regarding visioning and big-picture decision-making. We expect increased lay leadership regarding the direction of the church through a single board.



Rather than standing committees of Trustees, Finance, and SPRC, a single board oversees those aspects of the administration of the church.


The Nominations (Leadership Development) continues to exist. In addition to nominating the members of the single board, they would take a more active role in identifying leaders for leadership in the many ministries of the church.


The single board would have approximately 11 members, including clergy and three year classes of three members.


The single board would meet monthly for year one, and possibly less frequently in future years.


The board’s agenda would be structured around goals and times lines that will have been set, providing opportunities for accountability and oversight. Sometimes those priorities would be financial, sometimes building-related, and sometimes staffing, etc.


Much of the work currently being done in committees would be moved to individual roles/responsibilities of church members and staff, e.g. a facilities manager position.

Town Hall Meeting

Wednesday, September 12

6:00 PM


All are invited to a Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday, September 12th. A meal will be served at 6:00 in Fellowship Hall and the Town Hall meeting will start at 6:30 in the sanctuary.


Church Council will present and discuss a new proposal to simplify our administrative committee structure.

Currently our church is organized into multiple committees and boards which manage and direct our church’s ministry, mission, and operations.   

Your Church Council is proposing to combine and re-structure these committees and boards to function as one single unified body. This “one board” would direct the ministry and mission of our church with better communication, more focus, and deeper input from a more involved lay team. 


All are invited to come and learn more about why this is being proposed and what it might look in the future. Your questions and concerns are welcome!  

Childcare is provided.